Hebeltürgriff SS4005
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Hebeltürgriff SS4005

  • Φ22*125mm
  • Messing;8 * 8mm
  • EN1906 (3 7 - B 1 4 0 B)
  • 120 Minuten (Stahltür) ;60 Minuten (Holztür)

Product Description






Brass; size: 8*8mm/9*9mm


8*8mm/9*9mm; Zinc plated

Compliance with


Fire resistance

120mins (Steel door); 60mins (Timber door)

Stainless steel lever door handle SS4005

Euro Fire Rated Stainless Steel Lever Door Handle

Door handle plays an important part in door system. When choosing a handle for public buildings, it is crucial to consider the handle's design, material, and compliance with regulatory requirements. Stainless steel lever door handle is one type of handle, this lever on rose door handle is easy to install, anti-rust and not need frequent maintenance. It is ideal for use in public places, such as commercial and office buildings.

We are professional door handles manufacturer in China, who produce European standard fire rated architectural door handles for many years. The main type is lever handle, and backplate door handle is also supplied.  

Our lever door handle is Grade 3, that is suitable for wooden fire door and metal fire door. The application includes Commercial/Education/Hospitality and other public buildings. Our fire rated lever door handle passed 120mins metal door fire test and 60mins wooden door fire test. The durability is 200,000 test cycles in accordance with EN1906 standard. Material is high quality stainless steel 304, offers excellent resistance to corrosion and rust. To sum up, our stainless steel lever door handle is durable, long-lasting, and able to withstand high temperatures and other environmental factors. Just contact us for best quality door handles.


  • Grade 3, According to EN1906

  • Core size 8*8 mm

  • Fire rated on timber door and steel door

  • Durability 200,000 test cycles

  • Corrosion resistance 240h

  • Concealed-fix press-on rose

  • M5 screws

  • Material Stainless Steel 304

  • Length: 125mm, Height:58.8mm, Diameter of lever handle: 22mm

EN1906 Classification

Classification of lever handle(Grade 3)

Types of Door Handle

Below are our different types of door handle. Including lever type handle and backplate door handle. The satin stainless steel surface finish is durable and making it an ideal environmentally friendly choice to other finish coatings. If you are looking for a reliable door hardware supplier, just contact us !

Various styles of lever handle





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